To Wet or Not to Wet Your Golf Towel?

Every golfer has asked themselves this age-old question: should I wet my golf towel before use? On one hand, it’s nice to have a cool, damp towel for wiping up dirt and sweat. On the other, there’s the risk of over-soaking, leading to a heavy and cumbersome golf bag. Let’s dive into this debate and determine the pros and cons of getting your golf towel wet.

The Pros of Wetting Your Golf Towel
Wetting your golf towel prior to playing offers multiple benefits. The most obvious is that a damp towel will do a better job of mopping up dirt and sweat. This keeps your hands clean and dry and helps you maintain your grip on the club throughout the round. A dampened golf towel can also help keep you cool on hot days by providing relief from the sun’s rays when draped around your neck or tucked into your shirt collar. If you are planning to play in an area with lots of sand traps, a wetted-down golf towel can be especially beneficial as it can help dislodge debris from between clubs in your bag without damaging them.

On the flip side, wetting your golf towel carries some drawbacks too. Although it may sound counterintuitive in light of its cooling properties, a heavily waterlogged golf towel can actually increase heat retention due to its weight dragging down on you while you swing. Additionally, over-soaking can add unnecessary bulk to your bag, making each step more difficult than it needs to be during long days at the course. Finally, if not dried properly before storage, an overly wetted-down golf towel risks mildewing or staining valuable equipment like clubs or shoes with moisture rings or spots over time.