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Aiming Fluid Golf

At Aiming Fluid Golf, we offer the best premium golf products and golf accessories to help you improve your game and have a great time on the course.

Keep your golf balls clean and your beer cold with Aiming Fluid Golf’s premium golf accessories.

You can completely change the way you play on the green with better golf accessories! Not everyone is out to be a professional, but even casual rounds with your buddies call for golf accessories that suit you and won’t fall apart on the first hole.

Aiming Fluid Golf creates quality golf accessories for your game so that you can enjoy every round with a cold beer and quality golf gear. We focus on designing solid products that last, from magnetic golf towels to our blade putter head cover. Our goal is to make sure you get the best experience possible when playing the sport we all love.

We’re always looking to add quality golf products to our line-up, and our passion for the game has helped us think outside of the box. You need the tools necessary to improve your game without breaking the bank; we’re here to help. Aiming Fluid Golf started because our founder, Gary Clark, wanted to create a premium golf brand without a hefty price tag. Gary hand-tests all of our golf accessoriesduring his games, assuring we only offer the best products to you.

Hang Out On The Course

Who wants to get their whole towel wet and dirty when cleaning their golf balls? The Tall Boy golf towel features a special separate wash pocket. This allows you to keep your ball cleaner than ever before while still having a towel that isn't soaked! It's perfect for those who want a more convenient way to clean golf balls without carrying an extra towel. You can easily attach it to your golf bag or cart with its strong magnet, allowing you to keep your towel close at hand no matter where you go. Our best magnetic golf towels are better than the old velcro that constantly wears out, so consider trading out your old, ragged towel for a convenient magnetic one today.

Fit your favorite golf bag with useful gear, like our two-pronged divot tool. With a simple twist, it will help you repair any damage done to the turf during your round. Fold it up when you’re done so there aren’t any stabbing incidents in your pocket and you'll never have to worry about losing this handy little gadget again. Don’t want to lug a cooler around to keep your beer cold? Check out the Beer Missile! It’s a unique and convenient way to carry several beers with you on the green without sacrificing their frostiness. It fits right in the average golf bag.

Playing with your buddies is great, but when you go golfing, you always need to keep track of your balls. Make your stamp unique with our Beer Mug Ball Stamp. If your ball decides to careen off into the far woods and you manage to find it, the permanent ink beer mug mark will at least let your buddies know that was where it ended up so there’s no question it was yours. At least you’ll have a few of our best magnetic golf towels to clean it up afterward.

Golf is a marathon; your gear will see hundreds of hours of use out on the green. While perfecting your swing, Aiming Fluid Golf accessories will keep your beer cold, the blade and mallet putter from being scuffed, and they'll even clean your balls off when you're done playing a round.