Must Have Golf Accessories in 2023

Must-Have Golf Accessories in 2023

The golf course looms like a distant dream with the cold winter months upon us. With conditions far from ideal for a day on the links, the best a golfer can do is prepare for that perfect round when spring arrives. Fortunately, now is the opportune time to find the right accessory for your trip to the course. There are a few must-have golf accessories to make 2023 your year on the course.

Beer Missile

Beer and golf go together almost as closely as grass and golf. But how do you carry your beer and keep it cold? Traditional coolers are heavy, while styrofoam coolers are less effective and prone to leakage. And many courses don’t allow beer on the course. 

That’s where the beer missile comes in to make your outing the most relaxing day possible. The beer missile is a long insulated tube that, depending on the size, holds between 6-7 beers. The non-stick material easily fits into any club slot in your bag. The beer missile is lined with premium aluminum film insulation designed to keep your beer the absolute coldest possible, even on a hot day. It comes with a strap to carry as well. 

When you want a cold one on a hot day but need a discreet, easy-to-transport option, the beer missile is one of the top must-have golf accessories today.


Magnetic Golf Towel

As all golfers know, keeping your clubs clean is a must. The slightest dirt can send your ball flying the wrong way. A quality towel makes all the difference in keeping your equipment in just the proper order for a successful, low-scoring day.

The magnetic golf towel provides golfers with the perfect option. These towels have a powerful magnet designed to latch hard onto a cart, club, or putter to stay close by. The towels include a premium wash pocket, perfect for washing balls or clubs without passing the mess to the rest of the cart. The towels are made from a powerful microfiber fabric with a deep pocket waffle weave pattern, allowing for the most intensive clean.

These towels come in two sizes. The small or stubby is a 16“ x 24“ magnetic golf towel perfect for carrying onto the green. The large or tall boy is a 20” x 30” towel that clips perfectly to the cart. Both sizes are available in a wide range of colors. If you want the perfect way to keep your equipment clean, a magnetic golf towel is one of the must-have golf accessories for the new year.

Putter Cover

Any serious golfer strongly prizes a putter cover. Putters attract debris and face impact damage, and a quality cover keeps this important club safe. But the average putter cover wears out rapidly due to the velcro closure.

That’s not the case with these high-grade magnetic putter covers. With powerful magnets inside, these covers will protect your putter for as long as needed. The putter covers have a soft internal lining to keep your putter safe, while the PU leather exterior keeps things out. The covers are available in mallet and blade shapes. A putter cover truly is one of the must-have golf accessories.

Divot Tools

Divots are an unfortunate part of golf. The club tears a bit of the green up, and the responsibility must fall to the conscientious golfer to fix their error to maintain the quality of the green. Fortunately, there’s an easy tool to fix any divots you might cause. These foldable divot repair tools are ideal for any golfer. Made from aluminum and steel, they fold neatly to fit in your pocket without causing any harm to your body. The twin blades are perfect for removing debris from club grooves. Used in conjunction with our towels, these tools will keep your golf equipment in top shape.

Ball Stamps

Knowing whom each ball belongs to on the course is one of the great challenges in golf. Trying to keep track often involves seeking some distinctive mark on the ball. That’s the advantage of a top-tier ball stamp. Available in two forms, either a beer mug or the Aiming Fluid Golf logo, the stamps are made with permanent ink that won’t fade or scratch. 

Pullovers and Beanies

OK, so you’re ready to golf, but it’s not quite the right weather. Take a round regardless with a nice beanie and pullover to keep warm. Our polar fleece-lined beanies come in gray and blue. They’re one size fits all making them perfect for anyone. Also available are our pullovers, available in various sizes, colors, and styles. These lightweight garments layer perfectly to keep you warm at any time of day. This item works for all seasons and is attractive and made from a 90/10 polyester/spandex blend.

Golf is a game of fun, and with the perfect accessories, a day on the course can be a shining moment to rest after a long week. At Aiming Fluid Golf, we aim to provide the highest quality golf products at a lower cost to the average golfer. Our products are all tested and developed by our owner. We’re a small but proud company here to make your experience the best we can. We’re growing steadily, adding new products constantly. Check our website out today.