Why use a Putter Cover

Your putter by strokes is the most valuable club in the bag. You'll use your putter more per round than any other club. For something so valuable you'll want to protect it. 

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A putter cover protects your putter head from dings, dents and scratches. When you're traveling to and from the course, to banging around on the back of the cart or even just when you set your bag down. Your clubs are going to be rattling around banging into each other.

Any imperfection on the face of your putter could cause a missed putt and we know you don't need more excuses to 3 putt!

The other thing to consider is that many people use their putters as an identifier. They may want to carry their own bag in order to stand out from their group. This gives them something more personal that they can use as an identifier rather than just a generic bag that everyone else is carrying.

Check out our selection of putter covers here