Why Use A Magnetic Golf Towel

You know that playing golf with a towel is super important, if you don't you can read why it is here

Once you've started playing golf with a towel you'll start to realize while it helps your game it can be cumbersome at times. How many times have your thrown your towel on your clubs or cart only for it to fall off as you drive away. You're then stuck driving back looking for it hoping the group behind you doesn't smack you in the face with a drive. 

A magnetic towel can alleviate that frustration and embarrassment by allowing you to securely stick your towel to your cart or clubs any time it's not in use and you'll know that it will always be here when you need it. 

You know that taking a towel on the green to clean your ball is a necessity. You mark your ball, clean it, throw your towel down and proceed to 3 putt. Then go to pick up your towel again, either trying to use your putter like an elderly reaching aid or bending down to pick it up, it can get annoying. If you have a bad back, it can be painful. 

A magnetic towel can make this so much easier. If your putter head is magnetic you can simply pick up your towel with your putter. If your putter head it not magnetic you can use our premium magnetic putter covers with an additional hidden magnet.