When should you replace your golf shoes?

Some people change their golf shoes multiple times throughout a season and some keep the same pair for years. Golf shoes are more important to your game than you might think. They are the only thing that connect you to the ground and help you create power in your swing. 


  1. Worn out soles: This goes without question. If your sole is worn you're not getting optimum traction which is hurting your game. It also could be a hazard if you slip or fall during a shot. 

  2. Damaged upper: The upper part of the golf shoe is what helps wrap the shoe around your foot and helps provide traction. This is also where most of your water protection will come from and if it's damaged it could mean soggy socks!

  3. Uncomfortable fit: After a round if your feet are sore or have blisters that is a clear sign your dogs are telling you to get a new pair of shoes

  4. Age: Do your shoes look like that crusty old golf glove in the bottom of your bag? If so, that's a clear sign you need to put them out to pasture and get a new pair of shoes.