The Rules of Washing Your Microfiber Golf Towel


You’re out on the golf course, ready to take your shot and there it is: that dreaded grassy smudge on your club. So, you reach for your microfiber golf towel to get rid of the dirt and grime. But, wait—can you even wash a microfiber golf towel?

Yes, you can! But it does require some special care. Let’s break down what you need to know about washing a microfiber golf towel.

For BEST results you should hand wash your microfiber towel in lukewarm water and mild detergent. 

First, when you’re washing a microfiber golf towel in the washing machine, it’s important to use cold water since hot water may damage or shrink the fabric. To ensure maximum cleanliness, use only mild detergent and avoid fabric softener or bleach as this can reduce the absorbency of your towels. 

When drying your microfiber golf towels, avoid using any heat as this could cause them to shrink or become discolored over time. Instead, hang dry or tumble dry on low settings for best results. If you are worried about odors from sweaty towels after a long day on the course, try adding a few drops of essential oil into the washing machine with your towels—this will leave them smelling clean and fresh! Lastly, consider using a mesh laundry bag for extra protection against damage during washing and drying cycles.

Keeping your microfiber golf towel in tip-top shape is essential for avid golfers who want their clubs looking sleek and shining at all times. With just a few easy steps such as cold washes and gentle detergents (and maybe some essential oils!), you can keep your microfiber golf towel looking—and performing—like new every time you hit the green! Happy swinging!