how to attach golf towel to bag

Hook, Line, and Towel: Attaching a Golf Towel to Your Bag 


Every golfer knows that a good round of golf is never complete without the essential golf towel. And if you’re anything like me, you know all too well how quickly that towel can disappear from your bag. That’s why it pays to know exactly where—and how—to attach your golf towel so that you’re never without it out on the links. Read on for all the details!

Where To Put It?
The most logical spot to attach your golf towel is right on your bag; this way it’s always within reach when you need it (or when things get a little too sweaty). But where, exactly? The answer to this question depends entirely on what kind of bag you have. If you have a stand-up bag with legs, chances are there will be loops or hooks located near the top of the bag to which you can easily clip or hang your towel. If not, consider attaching it to one of the side pockets or even looping it through one of the shoulder straps.

How To Attach It?
Once you’ve determined where exactly you want to attach your golf towel, here comes the fun part: How do I actually get this thing attached? Again, this will depend on what kind of bag you have and what type of attachments are available. Generally speaking, most bags will come with either loops or hooks near the top (for stand-up bags) that are perfect for clipping towels onto. If your bag has neither loops nor hooks at its disposal, don’t fret! You can always get creative and use something like Velcro strips or carabiner clips to secure it in place. Or if all else fails just tie one end around the handle and let it hang freely over one side!


At the end of the day there is no correct answer as far as where and how to attach a golf towel; every golfer must determine what works best for them based on their equipment and preferences. Experimentation is key here; try different placements in order to find which location allows for easy access while still keeping your towel secure during those vigorous rounds out on the course. With some careful consideration and trial-and-error testing, soon enough you'll be an expert at properly attaching that much-needed golf towel!