Get the Ball Rolling with Golf Divot Tools


Golfers, have you ever seen those tools on the first tee box next to the score cards and free tee's; and wondered what they are? Those are called golf divot tools, and they’re essential for any golfer who wants to keep their course in pristine condition. Despite its name, a golf divot tool can be used for more than just repairing pitch marks. Read on to learn how to properly use a golf divot tool and why it’s so important.


What is a Golf Divot Tool?
A golf divot tool looks like an inverted fork with two or three prongs. It’s made of metal or plastic and often also has a ball marker. The tool is designed to help fix ball marks (also known as “divots”) on the green. A ball mark occurs when the turf around the hole gets displaced as a result of the ball landing on it—this will cause uneven surfaces and can take months to heal if not treated properly. This is where your trusty divot tool comes into play!

How To Use It

Using the divot tool is simple. Find your ball mark and notice where the green is slightly raised. You’ll insert the prongs into the raised edge at a 45 degree angle. It is super important that you not insert the divot tool into the area that the ball has pushed down. This might cause further damage to the the green.

Next is to move the divot tool along the edge of the ball mark pushing towards the pushed down area. Simply hold the divot tool into the ground and work around the sides of the mark. This will fill in the indentation left by the golf ball. Don't make the mistake of trying to pull the indentation out of the ground to even it out. That will only make it worse!

Make sure not to pull up on the tool because then you risk tearing up and damaging the grass roots.

After you’ve repaired the divot you'll want to lightly tap down the green with your putter head where the mark. Done! Repaired and you've done your part to help keep your local course in tip top shape!

If done correctly, this procedure should take no longer than 30 seconds!


By taking care of your course in this way you make sure that everyone has a pleasant experience while playing there—no one wants their round ruined because of bumpy greens! Additionally, taking good care of golf courses helps preserve them for future generations. So next time you find yourself out on the links with your trusty divot tool in tow, remember that you’re not just helping out your fellow golfers—you’re contributing to something much bigger than yourself!

Golf divot tools may seem like an unimportant piece of equipment but they do so much more than just fix ball marks. They allow us to maintain our courses in pristine condition while also preserving them for future generations—it’s a win-win situation! Now that you know what these tools are used for and how to use them properly, get out there and start fixing those pesky ball marks like a pro! With some practice you'll be able to do it without breaking stride! So go ahead - hit 'em straight and repair those marks fast! Happy golfing!