Beers and Putts - Why Golf is Better with Drinks


Golf is a great way to spend an afternoon out on the green, and have some friendly competition. But what if you’re looking for a way to make your day of golf even more fun? The answer might surprise you… Alcohol! You heard right, drinking can actually enhance your golf game. Read on to find out why playing golf with a few drinks is better than without. 


Physical Benefits
A little bit of alcohol can help ease any tension or anxiety that you may feel while playing golf. This calming effect can help improve your hand-eye coordination and physical performance, making it easier for your body to accurately execute the perfect shot. Plus, alcohol also acts as an analgesic, which can reduce muscle soreness and make it easier for you to play through the course without taking breaks in between holes.

Mental Benefits
Drinking can also have a positive effect on your mental state when playing golf. A glass of wine or beer can relax you and allow you to take your time with each shot instead of feeling rushed. This extra time gives you the opportunity to focus on technique and hone in on your skills, so that by the end of the day, you’ve become an even better golfer than when you started! Who knew that alcohol could be such a handy tool?

Social Benefits
Last but not least, there are social benefits from having drinks while playing golf! Drinking loosens up the atmosphere and provides everyone with something they can talk about (the beer). It adds a sense of camaraderie amongst players as they compete against each other in friendly competition. This added comfort level allows everyone to let loose and enjoy themselves without worrying too much about their scores or performance - after all, it’s just some friendly banter between old friends enjoying their favorite sport.


So if you want to add some extra fun into your next round of golf, consider introducing a few drinks (responsibly) into the mix! Not only will it physically prepare your body for an enjoyable day out on the green, but it will also provide mental clarity so that every shot counts as well as promote socialization among players so that everyone feels relaxed and ready for whatever challenge awaits them at each hole. Enjoy responsibly!